National No Pet Store Puppies Day

I bet most of y’all don’t know that today is National No Pet Store Puppies Day. I also bet a lot of y’all don’t know that those adorable pups in the windows of stores are actually put through hell in puppy mills. And while yes, you are technically rescuing them by buying them, your purchase is also furthering the need for puppy mills because stores are well aware of the profits they can gain from them.

That being said, there are plenty of ways to get furry friends from healthy and happy backgrounds, so be sure to look into your local shelters and national refuge and rescue organizations because if these pet stores stop being supported, then puppy mills will hopefully go out of business.

I’m a huge advocate of this cause because 1) my mom and aunt always preached to me about how horrible puppy mills are and 2) if it weren’t for Russell Refuge in Rhinebeck, New York (yes, I went all the way to New York a decade ago), I would’ve never found my most princely, perfect Ched Loon.


Check out this adorable video by the ASPCA and support the cause, y’all!

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