Little Knows Best

Whenever I’m going through something, I am that much more aware of how lucky I am to call Alexa my Little. She is the one person who talks not only as much as me, but more. She has the tendency to double, triple, quadruple (and whatever the word for like 11x is) text me so that she gets every thought into the conversation. We never fail to annoy, enlighten or surprise each other with our rapid-fire texting because 1) we know exactly how to get through to each other and 2) we almost always know the other one is right when they’re giving us advice and sometimes that can be hard to swallow. We text each other so quickly probably because we know we’re the only ones who can adequately keep up with our high-speed analyzing and communicating, so a lot of times texts amass and we have to scroll back to see what was said so that we can respond to each and every sentence.

Anyways, as always, Little came through. In fact, she made such a point (even if I was a little peeved at first); that it wouldn’t feel right to now share it with you because maybe, just maybe, you’re eyes will be opened too.

“Your problem right now is you think everyone should get down to wherever you see things from and try and see your point of view, but 1) We can never do that fully and as much as that sucks, I’ve had to cope with the same thing. People don’t understand what it was like to leave college to have a baby with a heroin addict as much as they try to understand, they never ever can because they aren’t me so I can’t expect them to. I’m doing my best because I have been in a SIMILAR situation—but they obviously weren’t the same experiences as you with the same background. 2) I am on your side whether you believe me or not, but I’m trying to show you how people honestly objectively see this situation so you can see it and self-correct. Like, you know when you make a mistake in class on something like a math problem and you double check all your mistakes and can’t figure out why you’re getting the wrong answer? It is because you made the mistake in the first place. It isn’t until an objective person outside of yourself comes in and can point out the problem with a fresh perspective.”

So, there you have it folks, my Little, the legendary advice giver. And that’s only ONE  of the many texts of that conversation, so just imagine the gems that I’m keeping all to myself. Be jealous you don’t get to have her on your speed dial.

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