She’s a Sugar Freak, Sugar Freak—Sugar Freaky

Every time I go out to eat (intentionally and not just when I’m on the way to work or quickly grabbing lunch), I immediately scan the ever-growing note in my phone for something to take my breath (hunger/cravings/you get the idea) away.

Gotta LOVE Swamp Juice!
Gotta LOVE Swamp Juice!

This past Monday I decided to finally make my way over to Sugar Freak—a teeny brick exterior labeled with a giant colorful marquee-escque sign that’s known for its NoLA inspired cuisine. Since the first time I ventured to 30 Ave (when I was trying to find my gym when I first moved here), the jam-packed restaurant caught my eye. But, seeing as I was in the midst of a search to ultimately become a healthier person, I didn’t think it was an appropriate time to satisfy my sweet tooth.

But this past Monday? Oh, it was the perfect time. Why you may ask? Well, what better day to indulge in delicious cocktails and the fattiest foods than the last day of being unhealthy (bye-bye alcohol and fried food) for the next 30 days?

My point exactly.

So, back to Sugar Freak. I started off with their Swamp Juice—vodka, triple sec, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice and orange juice. It tasted like a typical summer drink, but the gummy worm upped the ante. And come round two, and a whole slew of gummy worms (thank you Mr. Bartender for understanding my sweet tooth) later, I’d begun to come to terms with the fact that this may very well be a new cocktail destination.

I can't stay hush about these puppies (ya see what I did there?)
I can’t stay hush about these puppies (ya see what I did there?)

Anybody who knows me well knows that much like my uncontrollable sweet tooth, I also have an endless desire for hush puppies. So, as soon as I peeped them on the menu, I placed my order. When they arrived, I was entirely enthralled at the fact that they were twice the size of a normal hush puppy AND they were served with three dipping sauces—Chili Honey, Sweet and Spicy Condensed Milk Sauce and Parmesan Butter. Drooling yet? Yeah, me too. The Chili Honey was definitely my favorite due to not only the flavor but also the amusement it brought about. Every time I took a bite I was delighted in the sweetness of the honey and then, before I knew it, I felt like someone had just poured a bottle of the most flaming hot sauce down my throat—the back and forth was divine. Though, if you go, I advise you to not dig in unless you have a tall glass of water nearby.

Skillet Mac 'n Cheese
Skillet Mac ‘n Cheese

As for the main course—since I’m still relatively rooted in my picky palette and wasn’t going to be caught dead ordering crawfish— I opted for the skillet Mac ‘n cheese. To be honest, I’ve had better. The real treat in ordering it was when I couldn’t finish and offered it to my Irish friend—and he’d never once tried it before. Just let that marinate for a moment…I’m not sure I could imagine life without the occasional Mac ‘n cheese. And the only reason it’s occasional these days is because 1) my sister and I ate WAY too much of it growing up due to our Velveeta Shells addiction, and 2) C A R B S.

All in all, if you’re a person who loves a fruity cocktail, an adorable atmosphere and an out-of-this-world hush puppy—head on over.

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