Make A Run For It

So, here’s the thing—I tend to get on these goal kicks (and they’re usually health and wellness related). Before I decided on my brief farewell to liquor, and before I accepted my dad’s yoga offer—I began to run (and I forgot to write about it). And, again, I wanted to fill you in because maybe it will help hold me accountable.

Let me begin by saying that I am not a runner. I do not do cardio and whenever I attempt to, I’m slower than a snail. So, maybe it’s my inability to effortlessly glide for miles on end or maybe it’s just because I love being a girl who primarily lifts, but either way it has never been something on my to-do list (unless of course it included obstacles and mud, in which case I’m always down). And then, and I accredit it to working for a company that’s obsessed with health, wellness and races, it started to creep into my mind.

“I wonder if I could even run a mile without stopping…”

“Hmmm, a 10k is coming up…ha, yeah right, that’d NEVER happen.”

“Well, why not? I never thought I’d be able to squat 185 lbs, but hey, hey, look at me now…”

“Alright, let’s check this out—there’s gotta be training programs or  s o m e  t h i n g to help me and my fellow slow pokes make this faint dream a reality.”

“Alright, Robin Arzon, I see you. The queen of doing epic shit and sweating with swagger—I want to be you…well, to run like you, at least.  You say 10% more each week…I can do that.”

Norts and Frees, Studio Beats and a few minutes of stretching later, I was ready to tackle this mile. I logged into my Nike Running app for the first time since 2012 (when I would run exactly one mile every few weeks just to make sure I still could)synced up Jay  Z and Kanye and before I knew it—“3-2-1-Beginning Workout.”

And I was off.

Take a right at the stop sign and head down a few blocks to veer left towards the waterfront. As my feet hit the pavement I tried to stay in tune with my breathing—in through my nose, out through my mouth (I’m not even sure if that’s proper running breathing, but it always seemed to help). There were a few times that I felt like I was going to roll my ankle or dislocate my bad right knee (thanks a lot 2012 sorority championship flag football game) simply due to not having worked those muscles, in that way, for a  v e r y  long time. But I adjusted and it was fine. And before I knew it Nike was telling me that I’d ran a mile and a half.

“Um, what?”

I literally didn’t know how that could be, but I just kept running. When I finally stopped, I’d gone 2.88 miles and I was on that runner’s high.



That day I decided to make a goal in order to keep me running—pushing my limits and seeing what I was capable of—I would run regularly, upping it 10% each new week like Ms. Arzon recommends, until come the week of September 7th, I will be able to run a half marathon.

As of this week I am running 3 miles regularly and believe it or not it’s getting a tad easier despite still being slow AF.


Again, here’s to striving for determination and the will to, as Nike so eloquently states, Just Do It.



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