Grab Life By the Horns

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 3.42.55 AMTonight was yet another for the books.

After my personal best three mile run (YASSSSS, I managed under 30 minutes!), I came home, plopped down and napped/watched HIMYM (thanks a lot Little for getting me so addicted).

And then it hit me, as it always does–I live in New York City, of course there’s something to do; so why am I sitting at home? Next thing I knew I agreed to go out with someone I’d just met because, hey, why not, let’s make some friends.

A walk along the entire High Line, a delicious dinner in the Meatpacking District and a stroll uptown later, I found myself in a country bar watching brave souls happily sign waivers and stand in line to ride the mechanical bull.

Look y’all, I love a good adventure as much (and probably more than) the next girl, but being a socially shy person who’s way too aware and analytical of what people are thinking, it didn’t seem like something I was up for–so I just kept pushing it off.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 3.41.00 AMBut then I thought, I’m living in New York City and my whole motto has been to grab life by the horns and experience new things…

And what do you know? I was pretty damn good at it. Like, best in the entire bar good. Walk into the bathroom, just trying to pee, only to be stopped by people excitedly grabbing me and saying “Oh my God, you’re HER! You’re the bull rider! We love you!”

(But as expected, I did get embarrassed. Why you might ask? Because two seconds into my ride the MC told the DJ to cut the music and for everyone to shut up. All I could think was “Shit, what did I do?”… At which point he tells everybody in the bar to appreciate my beauty, asks me if I have a boyfriend, cheers when I say I don’t and tells me “Babygirl, I’m gonna buy you a steak dinner.”  Needless to say I was mortified.)

Despite the embarrassment, tonight definitely scored in my top five so far.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 3.41.27 AMAnd I’ve found a new favorite bar.

PS-Wordpress sucks and won’t let me upload the minute-plus video(I really need to get better with my plugin knowledge)–yeah, that’s right, I lasted THAT long. But if you follow me on FB or Insta, it’s there!

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