The Gym, Huh?

There I was, sprawled out on my teeny New-York-sized living room floor surrounded by boxes that still needed to be unpacked. As I stretched to clasp my hands around my outstretched foot, patiently anticipating whatever was about to appear on my TV, I took a glance around at the assortment of push-up bars, weight plates, rogue spring collars and an EZ Bar and thought to myself “what the hell kind of workout is this going to be?”

Well, two rounds of standard pushups, military pushups, wide fly pushups (my favorittttte), decline pushups, heavy pants, diamond pushups and lawnmowers later, I knew  e x a c t l y  what kind of workout it was—an unfulfilling one. And on that note, I got up, walked out my front door and began my search.

You see, those who know me or merely follow me on Instagram or Snapchat know that I have a special place in my heart for the gym—not P90X or Insanity or the Brazilian Butt Lift workout—no, the G Y M, it h a s   t o   b e   a  G Y M.

So, what’s so great about a gym?

  1. It’s not an at-home-workout.
  2. You don’t have to listen to some overly-enthusiastic, relatively-jacked, middle-aged man tell you what to do and act as though, yes, you too should be able to do corn-cob pull-ups at ease (puh-lease).
  3. Mirrors (no, that doesn’t make me narcissistic—maybe a little? Eh, whatever).
  4. In all seriousness though, mirrors are proven to enhance your physical capacities to train. To be surrounded by mirrors means that from whatever angle you’re working, you have the ability to assess your form to ensure proper lifting techniques and overall success progressing in your regimen. Get it girl.
  5. You don’t have to sacrifice a quarter of your NYC bedroom to weight plates, bars, etc.
  6. S O M A N Y  W E I G H T S
  7. In fact, there are so many that it almost makes you feel like you have endless opportunities to succeed because with each new PR, there’s still more weights you can give a shot. It’s a wonderful thing.
  8. Stable pull-up bars (for when that’s actually something I can do again—ha that makes me sound like I could do a lot at one point—no, just two. But HEY, that’s two more than zero…my ability will reappear).
  9. Kettle Bells galore.
  10. Weight benches— because no matter what they tell you, substituting a kitchen chair for a bench I S N O T  T H E  S A M E.
  11. Being in a gym provides the opportunity for healthy competition—see that guy dead lifting 135lbs.? Top it. OH, you’re running at 7 speed? Alrighty then, let me just speed up to 8 (pant and die). Basically it gives you a bit more of an incentive to push yourself to and past your limits so that you’re always improving.
  12. There’s a rock climbing wall.
  13. There’s a TRX studio. (If you haven’t done TRX—I HIGHLY recommend it because it’s a full body workout that is much more difficult than it may first appear. Give it a whirl!).
  14. There’s cycling. And it’s included in your gym membership so you don’t have to hop on the bandwagon and drop $40 a sesh at SoulCycle (even though sometimes it’s totally okay to do that because c’mon—it’s SoulCycle).
  15. So many protein options—shakes, cookies, chips, bars—you name it. I’m not kidding…We can just thank Quest for their innovative technology to make sour cream and cheddar protein chips a thing (insert heart-eyed emoji HERE) #Praise
  16. Towel service.
  17. There’s a sauna.
  18. And a steam room.
  19. Annnnnd motivational Nike posters e v e r y w h e r e.
  20. So, tell me again, why are you at home stomping all around and wasting precious space, when you could be poppin’ in a gym, lovin’ life and feeling on top of the world? Yea, IDK.

So, as you can tell, I’m quite the advocate for getting out of your house and into a gym. Surely these at home workouts work for some people or they wouldn’t have become such sensations. I’m just saying, I’ve given them a go and each time I make it roughly half-way through and just  s t o p. For me, staring at a TV and copying their movements isn’t going to give me the kind of inspiration and release that I’m looking for. So, while you’re riding on your neighbors’ last nerve doing Kenpo X above them, rattling the whole apartment building, I’ll be strolling to the gym, pre in hand, ready for the next best workout of my life.

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