Oops, I Haven’t Been Blogging…

Over the past few weeks, and really ever since this journey began, blog topics have been bouncing around in my head just waiting to come to fruition. And, every few days I’ll be sitting on the subway or at work or walking through my local Key Foods and I vow to myself that this will be the night that I begin to actually blog about what’s been happening all around me. Needless to say, my vow has meant very little by the time I arrive home late at night wanting to do nothing more than stream the latest episode of Grey’s on Hulu. Yep, Grey’s always wins and my ideas and my most exciting days just drift to the last priority.

So, since I have some free time, I figured why not get started on recounting the past four weeks (it’s already been that long?!).

[[Posts will be done individually so that scrolling/timing makes sense]]

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