First Day

Like any first day, I overestimated how early I needed to wake up in order to adequately prepare. And, like any first day, I felt like I had n o t h i n g to wear. With the help of my wonderful roomie, I picked out a dress, made myself presentable with a little help from Bare Minerals, the Naked 3 palette and Too Faced, curled my hair and threw my coach bag over my shoulder.

I was out the door by 7:45am ready for whatever rush-hour subway traffic had in store. I leisurely walked around the corner to the bus stop to embrace every outlet of public transportation that was at my disposal. It’s super convenient because the bus takes me the 7 blocks to the subway making my morning commute even more of a breeze. I was in Manhattan by 8:05.

With nearly an hour to spare, I took in the sites as I ascended on the elevator into Grand Central Station. “How is this real life?” was all that was running through my head. All the people, subway performers, yellow taxis and skyscrapers seemed like the stuff that dreams are made of and then I remembered that they are just that—for me, at least.

In the spirit of trying new things, I popped into Starbucks and decided I would order my first ever coffee (I knew I was going to need it, not being accustomed to 9 hour work days, and all). I opted for the Cinnamon Dulce Latte—and girl, let me tell you, it was A M A Z E! All I could think was, “wow! What have I been missing!?” Then I realized that this whole experience, this city, this atmosphere—this is exactly what I’d been missing; exactly what I’d been needing.

Arriving at Rodale was surreal. It’s not as pretty as Hearst (where I interned at Seventeen), but it sure had a way of taking my breath away.

*Obligatory selfie snapped*


The world slowed down as I spun through the front door, was greeted by the front desk and ushered to the eighth floor. I was greeted by not one, but two of the girls that I interned with at Seventeen (one of which I had no idea even worked at Rodale, let alone Men’s Health.). Small world!

Before I had a chance to take a breath, I was thrown into the swing of things. First things first, I learned that Mondays mean Sales Meetings. I wanted to be as diligent as possible so I was prepared with my Moleskine and Sharpie pen, ready for whatever was uttered. I sat with the other two assistants as Ronan, the publisher, greeted everyone on the conference line and in the room. Looking at my notebook, prepared to scribble along with everything that was being said, I was caught off guard when the next words out of his mouth were directed towards welcoming me to the team. ME: a part of THE TEAM. I was elated and timid all at once.

My day sparked off from there with an array of info sessions and working my way through the computer system in an attempt to better understand proposals and estimates and everything Sales. As an editorial girl, Sales were definitely not something that I considered up my alley. All I can say is that I owe a big thank you to the girls who pushed me to go outside of my norm and push the boundaries.

If not for them, I’m not sure I’d be exactly where I am today—23 with a job in the magazine industry—a job other girls would kill for.

Thank goodness for taking chances and trying new things!

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