The Hunt Continued

Monday, March 23rd, 2015  IMG_6685

So, here’s the deal, it’s been a little while since I’ve had the chance to write(and by the time this actually gets posted it will have been even longer because I’m living primally without an Internet connection for..wait for it…TEN DAYS**gasp**). Anyways, maybe I could’ve made time, but, to be honest, the mere thought of doing anything that would require more brain power than the treacherous New York City apartment search…yeah, that just wasn’t happening.

But, you see, now I’m sitting here in my wonderfully adorable apartment, next to my wonderfully adorable total luck-of-the-draw roomie and, sans Internet, it looks like I’ve finally got some time.

Shall we recap?

Alright, so the last I wrote, it was basically my never ending thoughts about the apartment hunt. At that time I was looking for either a loft or a sublet in Manhattan, namely the East Village. Well, much to my disappointment (at the time), that just wasn’t happening. I thought that I was ahead of the game by contacting brokers way ahead of time, but New York City is a whole new world (woo Ariel puns), and apartments come and go off the market faster than the rat that you just saw scurrying in the depths of the subway tracks. But, you see, that’s the wonderful thing about this beautiful city, even all the stress and struggle and disturbing things you might encounter—none of that can keep you from loving it. Now, that doesn’t mean those things don’t suck and might make you a bit numb to the experience of finding an apartment, but in the end, your dream is still coming true.

So, there I was, completely discouraged, yet immersed in the idea of my dream of living here (woops, I guess I just ruined the ending, huh?). Anyways, you might think that after a stress-filled 40-hour comb of the Lower East Side, leaving just as I came—apartmentless—that I’d just want to spend the four-hour drive home tuned out from the world with the aide of my Beats. But, no; rather, I spent that time on Craigslist and Gypsy Housing in an attempt to think outside the box and, ultimately, much to my surprise, outside of the LES.

IMG_6798Three days later DC was struck with a massive snow storm that allowed me to be a couch potato (with the occasional sledding break) with my nose buried in my laptop just waiting for s o m e t h i n g to happen that would allow my dream to become a reality—an opening, a new loft, someone in need of a roommate. And then, out of the blue, my phone started buzzing off the hook. Yes, for those of you who know me well, it was, in fact, once again, my mother (love you mom). Cue eyerolls and sighs and a reluctance to answer due to the fear of being rambled at about what to do it and how to do it and why to do it, you get the idea. Instead, when I picked up, my mom just told me I needed to reach out to this girl she saw posting on Gypsy Housing because said girl was posting and commenting on all the same posts as me.

“Look mom, what kind of person just randomly messages someone they D O N ’ T know and says they should be roommates?”

IMG_6804Well, that girl I mentioned in the beginning—you know, the wonderfully adorable one—yea, her name is Katie—and my mom was right. That snow day I went out on a whim and messaged her and no more than 30 minutes later, my phone was ringing.

One thing led to the next and another trip to NYC was booked to find the perfect apartment, only this time, it was for a two bedroom.

After a number of viewings and way too many texts and calls from random numbers about availability on the market, we F I N A L L Y found what we would soon be able to call our home. And by soon, I mean a week and a half later.

So, here we are, sitting on our couch, in our living room, nestled in the heart of Queens, watching Friends while doing our own things and simultaneously falling in love with our new home.

Like I said and have always said, New York, I love you. Now even more so, because I get to fall in love with you a tad more each day as I encounter your boroughs, beauty and quirks.

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