And, So It Begins…

As I lay here typing this, I’m surrounded by the thick scent of Vick’s Vapor Rub and the hope to be able to breathe through at least one nostril tonight. I’ve got this wicked headache and a bad case of the sniffles while my world stands still. But, no, it’s not because of whatever bug this is that I have been oh-so-fortunate to catch–it’s because my dreams are coming true.

For as long as I can remember (okay, ever since I first saw Thirteen Going On Thirty and The Devil Wears Prada–so, 2003/4(Jesus, I was 11…)), it has been my dream to work in magazines and live in the greatest city on Earth. During college I was ambitious and lucky enough to find myself interning for Northern Virginia Magazine which ultimately led to Seventeen Magazine. While at Seventeen I was able to live in Union City (right over the tunnel) and the East Village. I was there for what they call a “Winternship;” so really just long enough to fall even more in love with my dream.

Having graduated in May 2014, you’d think (or at least I did) that I’d have a job by now. Technically I do, and it’s one that has allowed me to grow a new skillset set  and mature as an individual, so I’m thankful for that–hooray for bartending! But, it’s just not what I’d expected for post-grad, ya dig? With as much time and effort as I put in during my four undergrad years and even in high school, I was sure that I was a shoo-in. Well, let me tell you, 57 job applications and three interviews later, I began to realize that maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t. And that’s really a shame, ya know? To go from being a go-getter, of-course-I-can-do-this, I’ll-just-keep-applying, you-can’t-deter-me type of person, to one who starts to sit back and accept that bartending might be the best course of action. That’s not to say anything is wrong with bartending and after looking at all of my upcoming expenses, I’m praying to the Coyote Ugly, Iron Horse, Angel’s Share, Employee’s Only gods that I can land a gig because one) it makes life SO much easier, two) you meet awesome people and three) lets be real, who doesn’t love the cash flow?

Anyways, back to the picture. Two days ago I started to feel under the weather; just the typical achey bones, stuffy nose, no big deal, deal. That night I went to a festival preview to blog about for Pamela’s Punch and had an awesome time. It’s those types of moments that have saved me in this slightly discouraged state–ya know, the moments that make you thankful and ponder the  notion of how everything happens for a reason.  So, after an E X T R E M E L Y long night I finally made it into bed, just like any other night, only a little crankier due to getting lost for hours, feeling the onset bug, and being overly tired. But, what I’m saying is, it was typical and gave no indication that my life would be changing in HUGE ways in less that 14 hours.

I was in the car with the music off–not just turned down, but O F F (that goes to show how terrible I had started to feel–damn you, fateful bugs and people spreading them), when I thought I heard what sounded like a vibration. I groggily searched for my phone with a hand on the wheel and an eye on the road when I dug it out from between the seats to reveal a (212) number–“huh…that’s New York…”


“Hi, is Rebecca in?”

“This is her.”

“Hi Rebecca, this is _______, calling from Rodale. We loved your enthusiasm about this job……..”

Everything started to get blurry. They loved my enthusiasm. They wanted me to fill out a reference sheet so that they could reach out to my contacts to discover whether or not I would be a good fit in publishing seeing as I’ve always only worked in editorial. They wanted me to send it to them ASAP. Done and D O N E.

“Hey, just an FYI I used you as a reference.”

“I know. I just got off the phone. You have an awesome opportunity waiting for you at Men’s Health in New York City. I told them they 110% have to hir…”

***Buzz BUZZ B U Z Z***


“Hi Rebecca, we just got off the phone with some of your references and would like to officially extend you an offer to work with Men’s Health Magazine…”

And all of a sudden, I started to feel again. In all those places where I had lost my hope and let slivers of my dream chip away due to the assumption that I’d thought too big for too long finally began to re-fill. After a few seconds it started to dawn on me that this was it. This is what I’ve been waiting and hoping and striving for.

They requested that I give them an answer by 9am, Friday. I officially signed and sent over the documents that are the cornerstone of my dream coming true three hours ago.

And now, my journey begins. I hope you’ll join me.



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  1. Dear Rebecca, I knew your cheerful ambition and steady perseverance would be rewarded. I’m very proud of you and look forward to your adventure! Love, love, love! Daddy


  2. Having only met you recently and knowing you very little- Surprised I am not. I know you will do great things and make those of us around you smile. Use the natural gifts you have to continue enjoy life and share. Well played. Godspeed


    • Ah, Kirk! I just found this comment you left me from a few months ago. I can’t wait for you to come visit so that we can test out all the best eateries in the city in an attempt of research for your budding bar! So glad to have met you during my Artie’s days.


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